Things people leave behind…

Working in the restaurant you see all sorts of things that people leave behind when they’ve gone and you clear the table.

There’s the obvious “forgotten” stuff that you either run up the road after them with or keep until they return – glasses, wraps, bags etc. There’s also the rubbish; cards from other restaurants, children’s food, tissues, leaflets, various types of toothpick, unwanted magazines & newspapers, even giftwrap & ribbon if it was a special occasion.

Last night we had something of a first – and hopefully a last. Sarah & I were clearing a table after a customer had left, the usual post-dining detritus, tag end of a bottle of wine, glasses, teacups, left-over biscotti. Sarah practically recoiled when picking up a cup-and-saucer, dropped it onto the tray I was holding and started saying “I don’t believe it, it’s disgusting, look, look!”. In the bottom of the teacup and around the saucer were several small hairs.

Needless to say this caused much speculation in the bar amongst the team as to whether the gentleman concerned had sat at the table plucking his eyebrows, nasal or ear , or maybe they’d come off the back of his hand?

Amazing what people will do at a restaurant table…

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