Little pleasures #8 – rediscovering your music collection

If you’re anything like me you have a massive collection that’s built up over the years, one large enough that you couldn’t possibly listen to all of it with any sort of regularity.

Typically, I’ll hear something somewhere or something new by a favourite artist will be released and I’ll go and buy it, or I’ll buy back-catalogue stuff of an existing artist.

Anything new in the collection gets listened to frequently and repeatedly over the course of a few weeks until I’m so familiar with it I know it by heart. And then, slowly but surely I stop listening to it quite so frequently, if at all. I skip past all that old stuff looking for favourites, or a particular mood, or something recent.

And then, one day, I think “sod it” and put on something that I know very well but never listen to, and suddenly discover why it was that I bought it in the first place. It may be old, out of date, cheesy, and somehow considered to be déclasée amongst my peers, but I still like it, it makes my hair stand on end and I can’t help moving a bit, or perhaps a lot, when I hear it.

Music. Marvellous.

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