Crazy translations – Advices of Ham Cut

Having received a donation of a whole serrano ham we decided to go out and buy a jamonero.

It being Christmas and therefore a time where everyone buys a ham it seems that jamoneros are hard to come by. So I ended up purchasing a very cheap and cheerful one in one of the many Chinese shops here (these are basically big warehouses with shelves full of cheap import versions of pretty much everything).

This one has instructions of how to cut your ham once it’s in the jamonero. The manufacturer thoughtfully put an English translation of these instructions on the box as well, but the translation leaves a little to be desired. Clearly, this was never read by someone who really understood English before it was printed.

Here is the most extraordinary excerpt, exactly as written:

“Once fixed the ham, we will start the peeling removing only the zone of the bark in which there will be extracted the cuts of immediate consumption, avoiding the dried premature babies.”

Answers on a postcard, please…

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