More on leg pains.

I realised today that I hadn’t posted the end of the story on leg pains.

As it turns out I have transitory osteoporosis (TO). All the tests and scans they did came up negative for absolutely everything they could think of.

It seems that TO is something quite strange; it comes on for no apparent reason, tends to be very localised and typically in a hip joint, and goes on it’s own with little or no treatment within 6 to 12 months. It’s not really very well understood at all and is a relatively new diagnosis.

Typically it was caught too late, at the point at which damage was showing up on x-rays. To catch it before this you need an MRI and/or scintigraphy, both of which are non-intrusive and relatively painless (the scintigraphy involves a small injection, but that’s it).

So, for the next few months I have to take a nasal-spray hormone and calcium pills to improve bone strength and use crutches to prevent damage to the weakened area of my right femur. Other than that it’s a waiting game.

I can’t say I’m particularly happy about it; the drugs have mild but unpleasant side-effects and the crutches prevent me working which I really don’t like, not to mention reduction income and increased costs as we have to employ someone to cover for me.

However, it could have been a lot worse; I don’t have any serious underlying conditions and I don’t need any surgery (as long as I rest the joint and don’t damage it further!).


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