Dead blog.

I ended up visiting this site today for no particular reason, and realised I haven’t posted in 4 years. Really? 4 years? What happened?

Well, my leg got better, though I now have mild arthritis pains from time to time and an impingement in the hip which causes occasional pain, but nothing serious, it certainly doesn’t stop me doing anything I did before.

The restaurant goes on (and on and on) and there are various plans to move/expand, hopefully this year.

We just started work on the finca, finally getting a mains water connection and relocating the power & phone lines. Bizarrely the voltage has increased to a more acceptable level (or perhaps not so bizarrely having seen the old power line). This paves the way for the rest of the work to be done, but that won’t start for a couple of months.

Oh, and I just discovered yesterday I’m allergic to something. Don’t know what yet.

I suppose I’ve left this blog to wither because time ran away with me. Can’t complain about having too much to do, I enjoy working and have generally been enjoying life. The tech blog ( has seen more posts, but not by much, I deliberately split that off to get all the geeky stuff out of my personal blog.

I thought about deleting this blog, but decided against it. Maybe I’ll post in another four years, maybe sooner!

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