Dinner in the Sky? Really?

Ok, I get that this could be a great experience…

but having run a restaurant for the last 10 years, some things occur to me, including but not limited to:
  • Customers drop stuff. All. The. Time.
  • Customers are also pretty good at throwing food and drinks into their lap or over their clothes, or sometimes even over someone else. No, just sit for two hours with that red wine stain on your silk blouse, don’t worry, it’ll never come out after….
  • Customers also fall out with each other at the table, sometimes tears are involved. No storming out of this restaurant.
  • Toilets, anyone?
  • Heimlich-In-The-Sky.
  • Hope your epi-pen is with you (and that you don’t drop it whilst you’re reacting badly to whatever it is you’re allergic to).
  • That’s a seriously open kitchen. Chefs swear.
  • Speaking of which, chefs usually swear when they drop the food, drop a plate, burn the food, burn themselves, cut themselves etc. etc. Hope there’s enough spares up there.

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